Embroideries & Needlework

We handle both contemporary as well as historic embroidery, worked by both amateurs and professionals, including treasured pieces and family heirlooms. 

We conserve embroideries and needlework of all styles, including stumpwork, tambourwork, crewelwork, blackwork, whitework , metal thread embroidery and goldwork, beadwork, appliqué, needlepoint, and smocking. We conserve these techniques on a variety of objects including samplers, costume, accessories, soft furnishings, upholstery and more.

Conservation treatments can include wet cleaning and custom-mounting including preparation for framing. 

We offer a full range of tapestry conservation services for tapestries of all sizes. Our services encompass all aspects of tapestry conservation, from initial assessment to final hanging. 

Prior to any conservation treatment we provide a full condition assessment and report, either on-site or in our studios. Treatments undertaken can include washing using our on-site facilities.

We offer a traditional conservation treatment which we recommend for weak tapestries with large areas of loss, including bare warps and extensive loss of weft. This treatment is carried out on a horizontal loom using a linen support and full conservation stitching. Using this method we reinstate areas of design loss according to your requirements, as well as provide a full support for your tapestry. 

Uniquely, we offer a less interventive and quick conservation treatment for structurally sound tapestries with minor damage. This service is carried out on an upright loom using a polypropylene support. This treatment is an ideal preventive care solution, providing a full support for your tapestry with minimal intervention. 

For tapestries in good condition we provide a support lining service. 

We are able to assist direct with on-site tapestry removal, transportation, packaging, and installation (including recommendations and instructions) and work with our clients to meet their unique needs. 

We also provide packaging and storage solutions; please see our Collections Management section for further information. 

The Landi Company has extensive experience conserving and restoring rugs and carpets from both public and private collections. The company offers conservation for woven and tufted rugs and carpets, both large and small, including washing and deep cleaning. We work with our clients to ensure our conservation treatments accommodate your requirements for future use and ongoing care. In the case of very large rugs and carpets we are able to carry out conservation treatments in-situ. 

We offer conservation treatments for both costume and accessories. Specialist mounting for storage can be created in conjunction with conservation services. We provide advice for short and long-term storage and display. We also offer exhibition display services, including exhibition mount-making, which can be undertaken on-site nationally and internationally. 

We have years of experience conserving soft furnishings, including curtains and cushions, pelmets, firescreens, bedspreads, tablecloths, wall hangings and more. Treatment is assessed on an individual basis, so please enquire for more information.

We offer conservation services for all ecclesiastical textiles, including altar and lectern frontals, stoles, chasubles, copes, kneelers, banners and more. We are also to provide display and storage solutions for long-term care.  On-site consultation is available upon request. 

We offer conservation treatments for a variety lace and whitework, including costume, accessories and soft furnishings. We can provide recommendations for use and storage of sentimental items, for example wedding dresses and christening gowns. 

Whilst some of the quilts we conserve have historic significance, many are family heirlooms that have great sentimental value. We offer conservation and washing for contemporary and historic quilts, large or small.

We provide conservation of painted and embroidered banners, including garter, regimental and social history banners. When undertaking conservation treatment of regimental banners we follow church and military guidelines.

Custom mounting solutions, for both display and storage, are available upon request. We are happy to conduct site visits and work in-situ when required. We provide custom-mounting and exhibition display services for exhibitions large or small, both national or international. We also offer custom storage for transportation. 

The Landi Company has a wealth of experience in collections management and can provide and implement a range of conservation solutions to care for your collection. We offer a consultation service as well as on-site implementation. 

We have extensive experience of housekeeping, having cared for the textile collection at Burghley House for over three decades. We are able to provide this service for all our clients, including stately homes and museums. Alternatively, we can provide specialist on-site training for your staff and volunteers.

The Landi Company offers upholstery conservation services, collaborating with conservation upholstery specialists on more complex treatments.