Our Services

The Company can carry out most of the conservation services required to clean and support individual objects, to maintain schemes of decoration and domestic furnishings, on site if necessary, and to deal with large objects.

Cleaning may be surface cleaning by vacuum, by solvent or de-ionised water as necessary. Support may be by stitching or by adhesive, and individual mounts can be supplied.

Consultation and Estimating

Prior to any work being undertaken a consultation takes place after the object or objects have been examined. A report is then made and an estimate of costs prepared. A fee may be charged if travel is involved in producing the report and estimate but this depends on circumstances. A full report of the conservation work, with photographs, is supplied on completion.

Collection Surveys

Surveys on many or a few objects can be carried out, when a data base is compiled detailing materials and methods of construction and condition and supplied in whatever form the client wants.

Some of our clients

  • Longleat
  • Stonyhurst School
  • Museum of Lincolnshire Life
  • Ruddington Museum of Framework Knitters

Collection Care

Advice on storage conditions and general collection care can be given and surface cleaning of objects carried out in situ.

Past clients

  • Burghley House
  • Holdenby House
  • Milton Hall
  • St Mary’s Church, Sheering

Composite Objects

Many textiles contain elements of different materials, such as wood or metal, but if we lack the relevant expertise reference can be made to the other members of the Burghley Conservation Group.

Relevant Objects

  • Stump work boxes
  • State Beds
  • Chinese armour
  • Fans


Individual mounts for costume, accessories and odd shaped items can be made. Embroideries can be mounted and framed for display and custom made frames supplied.


  • Leeds Museum
  • Easton Walled Gardens
  • Many private clients with samplers

Emergency Response

The rescue of objects suffering from fire and flood has become something of a speciality, often working for an insurance claim.


  • St Mary’s Church, Sheering
  • Other churches
  • Private clients


Lectures and Power Point presentations about the work of the Company can be negotiated on request. Small groups of students or interested parties can visit the workshops by arrangement and payment of a fee.

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